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School excursion programs for Secondary

​Secondary school excursion programs at Q Station provide engaging learning experiences in an ever-evolving historically and geographically significant context. Opportunities for historical enquiry are included in every program as students consider the themes, of medical technology evolution and infectious disease, migration, segregation of class, gender and race, and the personal stories of love and loss all come into focus in the amazing natural landscape of North Head.
Activities are designed to develop critical, creative and reflective thinking skills. Exploration of the natural and built environment, handling artefacts, interacting with primary sources and hearing stories fosters empathy with the past and ongoing consideration of how the site has been valued by different constituencies throughout its history. From curricular-aligned programs to two-day art or writing retreats with students, Q Station has so much to offer!
All of Q Station’s school excursion programs have significant links to the NSW and Australian National Curriculum across multiple subject areas, however these are also able to be customised to meet particular needs of the group. Contact the Education Program Manager on 02 9466 1551 or to discuss school excursion ideas for your class.

Our Education programs can run with a minimum payment to the equivalent of 15 students.
The maximum number of students we can host on one day is 120. If you have a larger group, we can arrange your group to visit across multiple days.


​Bring Felicity Pulman’s book to life; discuss the representation of characters, settings and events in this imaginative text. Whilst learning about the differences between Tad’s world of the 1880s small pox epidemic and our own. Students will enjoy visiting key locations from the text and unpacking suitcases to connect them to the past. 

Stages:       4
Duration:    2 hours
Capacity:   20 – 120 students
Price:           $20 per student


A historical site investigation at Q Station​​​​

Students investigate our significant historic site; stories, sources and artefacts including the built environment, consider the contribution of archaeology and science  and apply historical inquiry skills to gain a greater understanding of the chronology of the former Quarantine Station. In considering the interplay of historical evidence, interpretation, memory, bias and contestability students will gain an analysis of some of the factors and differing perspectives that shape modern Australia.
Q Station is suggested as a site to investigate in the NSW Modern History Curriculum and has a dedicated chapter in the textbook Modern History Transformed by Cambridge University Press – The Investigation of Historical Sites and Sources: Death, Disease and Division at the Quarantine Station.
Includes activities Wharf Exploration and Inscriptions – Archaeological Tools, and Stories from the Sandstone.
Content includes:

  • Investigation of Historic Sites and Sources within the Shaping of the Modern World unit, develop use of historical concepts and skills.
Stages:       6
Duration:    2 hours
Capacity:   20 – 120 students
Price:          $20 per student


A Site Study

Site studies enable students to understand their historical environment and participate actively in historical inquiry. The Quarantine Station Site Study reveals the historical phases and changes of the site throughout its history. Exploration and investigation of artefacts, primary and secondary sources allow students to use historical language and locate, select and organise information in the context of this evocative place. Please indicate which Depth study and topic are relevant to the student’s studies The Making of the Modern World Topic 1b          Movement of peoples (1750-1901) Topic 2a          Making a nation The Modern World and Australia Topic 5c          Migration Experiences (1945-present)
Stages:       5
Capacity:    Min. 20-120 Students
Price:          $20 per student


Customise your experience!
The Quarantine Station is an evocative place; a rich source of historical significance, geographical splendour and human endeavour. The learning possibilities are endless and are as unique as your students. 

​A Quarantine Station Unwrapped program can be customised to meet your particular needs or learning goals. Talk to our Tour Reservation team about your requirements; select aspects of our standard programs or activities or envision your own. We have created art or writing retreats, programs using our spaces as photographic or art inspiration, experiences focusing on the contemporary considerations of the site within the tourism and hospitality business or specialised Museum studies or EFL programs. Accommodation is also available for overnight stays.

Stages:       All
Capacity:  Min. 20 Students
Price:          Dependent on itinerary

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